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Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of Redeemer Church

Go to E-Giving now:

Go to E-Giving now:

There are several benefits to online giving:

Q: Is it safe to give online?

Yes. In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen.

Q: What types of accounts can I give from?

You can give online from your checking or savings account, Visa, Visa Debit Card, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit Card, Discover Card, or American Express Card.

Q: Can I set up scheduled giving?

Yes. You can make a one-time gift immediately or at a future date. Or you can schedule recurring gifts weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly to be completed on the day of the month you choose. Your recurring gifts will continue until you cancel them, or you can choose a specific date to end. You may login to your account and make changes at any time.

Q: Can I designate how my donation is to be used?

Yes. In the transaction menu, enter your gift amounts in the Current Fund, Missions Fund and/or Building Fund fields. Or to name a specific use, under "Special Giving Opportunities", simply type in the designated use and the amount.

Q: What if I try it and don’t like it?

You can cancel your automatic deductions anytime via your member profile.

Q: What if I change bank accounts, or get a new credit or debit card?

Update the information from your Main Menu under the section View/Edit Member profile and transaction schedules. You have the ability to change your personal information, payment information and edit any giving schedules. Do not create a new account; always edit your existing account.

Q: Exactly where does my donation go?

Your donation goes directly to the church's bank account and a notification is sent to the church office of your donation.

Q: Are there any fees involved with giving online?

Not to you. You will not pay any fees with an online donation. The church pays nominal transaction fees. Credit and Debit cards involve a higher fee than savings or checking account transfers. Because of this, you may choose to give using your bank account to save additional costs to the church.

Q: When will my donation be processed?

If your donation is scheduled on a Sunday, your donation will not be processed until the following business day. Credit or debit cards will take approximately 2 business days to initiate and clear. Bank transactions take 4 business days to initiate and clear. You will receive an email when the donation is initiated and another email when the process is complete.

Q: How will E-Giving appear on my bank or credit/debit account statement?

All transactions will appear as E-Giving

Q: Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made my contribution?

You have the option of printing or saving either the payment acknowledgement page, or the emailed acknowledgements. The church also has proof of your donation. Any of these can prove your contribution.

Q: Can anyone who works at the church see my bank or credit/debit account numbers?

No. No one at the church has access to your account/credit/debit card numbers.

Q: Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

Yes. The church will continue to have year-end contribution statements available for pick up in the church lobby for tax purposes. Additionally, your year-to-date giving and last year's giving will show on the main menu of your account and you can access a summary of past giving. You may print out a statement for all transactions that were made online using the time period you designate. This can be used for tax purposes. The statement will include only gifts made online.

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